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1.) Invest in a SSD or M.2 drive

If you are not already using one of these two drives you are probably using a 7200RPM hard drive or worst (dun dun dun – gulp) a 5400RPM hard drive!

Not to say that 5400RPM HDD’s are bad but in a desktop environment its absolutely the worst device you could use. SSD’s and M.2 drives are at least 3 to 7 times faster than 7200RPM hard drives — how do you think that compares to a 5400RPM hard drive?

With the changes in demand for NAND wafers (post 2018) the market seem to have overproduced these drives. According to several sources, it is expected for the price/per GB to drop even lower in the upcoming years.

2.) Periodically Clean the disk (disk cleanup)

We all came to love Windows and its ability to keep on giving new updates regardless if we wanted them or not. While Windows likes giving us new additions in forms of service packs, so far they haven’t included a script to which deletes the old update files as far as I know.

3.) Indexing

This option basically creates a small database file which then holds all file extensions, descriptions, titles (the metadata of all files really) on your C: drive (or any other drives) so things could load faster. Very useful option if you have a lot of downloaded files or are always creating new files on your PC.

Fun fact is that MAC OS has this option enabled by default in Spotlight.

You have other ways to make Windows quicker? Feel free to share them below or to ask questions


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