Disabling Sleep /Hibernation mode

This mode is great if you apply it on a machine that does not need to stay on 24/7 but what about the machines that needs to stay on 24/7? That’s when this mode could be a nuisance.

If you are running a server and you see that your services all of a sudden turns off and is no longer reachable, you may think its the internet or the hardware failing but, it may just be this mode that is enabled! Let’s look together how to disable this mode.

On Windows

You could achieve this by the command line or via Control Panel / Settings. We’ll begin with the Control Panel and Settings.

It’s as simple as the above for setting sleep to never (disabling), but we’ll definitely need to go in Control Panel to also remove hibernation.

Access Control Panel and click on Change plan settings

Navigate to Control Panel \Hardware and Sound\Power options, find the preferred plan you are using, in my case it was High performance then hit the blue writing of change plan settings. It should open the below screen.

Find sleep in the drop down and expand both options and change them to never

Once done, sleep/hibernation mode should now be disabled.


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