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So with many software there’s always a point in time where it stops obtaining support and/or updates from the developers. Think of Windows Vista, IOS 6, Android KitKat, Jelly Bean and many other software’s hosted on our favorite technological platform.

How does this relate to anybody? Well in recent times CentOS users were shafted to the side when RHEL declared that they will not support CentOS8 past its EOL time which is much more sooner than its older counterpart CentOS7. What RHEL described that they’d do is convert CentOS8 to an upstream of its popular operating system called CentOS Stream. This obviously enraged people as an upstream is basically a program that is being constantly updated/developed on but could break at any point due to low amount of bug testing which means, hosting services on this platform you could come a day where your services are no longer functioning properly with the operating system. This became a popular practice to render people/organizations to purchase licenses for non-upstream software.

So this page was created to compile a list of different areas where you could verify software’s end of life before incorporating it into your infrastructure.

End of Life for operating systems


End of Life for softwares




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