About me

Lyndon is an individual based in Montreal Quebec that enjoys playing around with technology and has gathered over 10 years in experience working at companies like Superclick, now owned by AT&T, Burean En Gros/Staples as a Computer Technician, System Administrator at a Bell Canada Subsidiary Expertech and several network administration jobs done through references. He has acquired his certification in Computing Support, Network Analyst and is currently pursuing another certificate in Server Hardware technician. By learning what works and what doesn’t, LAPC & Technologies was created to provide solutions at an affordable rate and to enrich your experience with tech.

All services except PC Builder have a 14 day warranty to make sure you are satisfied.
PC Builder on the other hand has a 90 day warranty to make sure you are able to use the computer as effectively as possible!

You may get in contact with LAPC at the following:

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