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Editing the hostname is useful for you to ping and communicate with each device on your network without having to use the IP address. Instead of knowing the whole
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Discovering Crypto post thumbnail

Discovering Crypto

Getting started Create a wallet and make sure to save its seed phrase/mnemonic phrase. If this phrase is lost, you will lose your ability to generate the wallet from
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Software Defined Network post thumbnail

Software Defined Network

What is Software Defined Networking? Software defined networking is a utility which came to fruition after several bright engineers came to the notion that scalability with traditional networking is
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End of Life post thumbnail

End of Life

So with many software there’s always a point in time where it stops obtaining support and/or updates from the developers. Think of Windows Vista, IOS 6, Android KitKat, Jelly
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Disabling Sleep /Hibernation mode post thumbnail

Disabling Sleep /Hibernation mode

Disabling Sleep /Hibernation mode This mode is great if you apply it on a machine that do not need to stay on 24/7 but what about the machines that
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A little Recap on Firewalls post thumbnail

A little Recap on Firewalls

Now I am no security expert (as of yet) but with my hours of working as server and network administrator, I have to dive into either of these for
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Changing Connectivity Ports on Windows and Linux post thumbnail

Changing Connectivity Ports on Windows and Linux

Changing the port of connectivity is always an amazing option to help mitigate in any potential compromises towards your server(s). They are many instances/servers on the internet programmed with
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Replacing MAC & Apple Hardware post thumbnail

Replacing MAC & Apple Hardware

Because Apple likes to make proprietary hardware you always want to make sure that the Apple hardware is 1.) Compatible with the hardware you want to replace it with
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Setting up Time and Date on Both Linux and Windows post thumbnail

Setting up Time and Date on Both Linux and Windows

This article is written assuming you have your operating system already updated to the latest versions available. On Windows You have the choice of doing it with the graphical
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Setting up Remote Desktop on Windows post thumbnail

Setting up Remote Desktop on Windows

The whole purpose of using remote desktop is for connecting to a computerthat is off premise or one that is located in another room of your home. Say you
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