A page of some of my documented builds

My first build

I did for myself in ~2015 to game! A year later I upgraded the 6300FX to a 8350FX to get higher core count. The graphic card was definitely my bottle neck however I was able to play most games at 1080p! I upgraded to the 2600X about 3-4 years later and repurposed this one as a hyper v server for virtual machines to do some home labbing.

My sisters old Sempron PC

Upgraded to:
430W drives

Technically my first build, from a prebuild. When she bought this in ~2007-2008, this marked the first time I was capable to play online FPS shooters. Halo CE occupied most of my time =). I eventually upgraded this PC by swapping out the old board, CPU, RAM and PSU to get her up to date!

My primary build after 2019

This had 16GB of RAM, 2600X, 2080 RTX, 1TB nvme and a 3TB HDD on a b450 chipset. Overclocking was seriously not needed because every application I threw at it ran smoothly. In hindsight, I would of went with a 2600 instead as OC'ing was almost never used and I would of saved $.

A light Gaming Computer with a great upgrade path I've built for a friend in 2021. He liked my case so much that he wanted one similar. I added some nice RGB RAM and fans that can highlight his newly added hardware at home.

Going Old School

Whoemever remembers me when I was hustling hard in 2017, these were Optiplex machines that I'd revamp from my EMSB connect and resell. They delivered a good bang for its buck with its Intel Core 2 Duo processor.

This page will update as I document more builds.